Understanding Dyslexia is the first step in overcoming it

Introducing MindPlay’s
Understanding Dyslexia online course.

Whether you are an educator, a psychologist, speech or language therapist, administrator, or a parent of a child with dyslexia, MindPlay’s Understanding Dyslexia online course will help you increase your knowledge and understanding of dyslexia.

Co-authored by Nancy Mather, Ph.D. and Barbara J. Wendling, M.A., and produced by MindPlay, Understanding Dyslexia is a three-hour online program and qualifies for three hours of professional development credit.

MindPlay Understanding
Dyslexia Specs

Benefits of

Understanding Dyslexia

Professional educators will increase their understanding of how to help their students build their reading and spelling proficiency. Parents will be better educated on how to help their child succeed, so their children are prepared for college, a career and life.


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