Improves reading fluency and comprehension skills in hours, not years

MindPlay Reading Fluency™ is an online training program that makes reading more enjoyable by systematically improving reading speed and comprehension.

MindPlay’s Reading Fluency (formerly known as FLRT®), is available as part of MindPlay’s Virtual Reading Coach program or as a separate teaching tool.

MindPlay Reading
Fluency Specs

MindPlay’s Reading Fluency program:


  • enables students to progress at their own pace and reading level
  • provides reading practice with narrative and expository texts
  • includes a library of over 1,000 passages, levels K-12
  • provides comprehension questions based upon reading and language state and federal standards
  • adapts speed and practice to meet the needs of each student


Comprehension questions follow each passage. They focus on a variety of specific reading strategies, such as finding the main idea, drawing inferences and identifying elements of a plot.


Preview questions and text clues provide additional support for comprehension.


Multiple data reporting options can be exported as PDFs for easy sharing with students and parents, including:


  • district, school, class and student reports
  • progress in words per minute read
  • number of passages completed
  • number and type of comprehension questions answered
  • attendance
  • time on task

Who benefits from using

MindPlay’s Reading Fluency?

General education students who have basic decoding and word recognition skills but need to improve reading fluency and develop a broader range of comprehension strategies.


Benefits include:

  • sufficient reading practice at appropriate speed rates
  • easy to use, automated and adaptive format
  • guided practice in silent reading fluency
  • three or more passages can be read in one 20-minute session

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