Here is what parents, students, and teachers are saying about MindPlay

MindPlay helps when no one else will.


Elementary Level Learners

Middle School Learners

High School Learners

Home-School Learners

“As a mother, I cannot recommend MindPlay enough. We have tried everything including private tutoring and MindPlay is what has helped Aiden the most. This is an invaluable tool to help students improve their reading and writing skills.”

Laura O, Parent, Seattle Washington

“Oh my gosh, learning has been so hard. I can’t believe I have done this.”

Aaron C., 3rd Grade, Anchorage, AK


“I had more success in that three months than I had in the last 10 years attending schools for full days.”

Matthew C., Las Cruces, New Mexico

“A high school student with a cognitive disability began MindPlay at a first grade reading level. In one-and-a-half school years, she has improved seven reading grade levels. She has read 346 stories and gained 118 words per minute. She currently reads 178 words per minute with good comprehension. She loves earning trophies, and her success in reading has boosted her self-esteem.”

Brandie Genske, Program Support Teacher, Bonduel School District, WI

“We love MindPlay. Not only does it increase student growth, but teacher growth as well. As our teachers monitor students, they learn the components required to become a good reader.”

“This piece of software can do what teachers cannot. It can diagnose on the fly and intervene with the appropriate instruction. I cannot do this as efficiently as a computer.”

Nancy M. Cutlers, Title I, Response to Intervention Director, Technology Integration K-12, Groton Area School

“My daughter is a struggling reader. It affects her across all subjects. She has been using Mindplay steadily now for several months. Her comprehension and fluency is steadily increasing and for the first time she is reading books for enjoyment on her own. She loves the lessons and feels that she is getting one to one instruction. Her reading confidence has soared.

As a parent, I love the progress reports and the details it provides. I recommend this program without any reservation.”

Linda T., Parent

“I have a son with a global developmental delay. So, it is hard to find learning tools to keep him engaged. So, far, I have been able to leave him and he uses Mindplay on his own which is very helpful to me. It will take a long time to see the progress we would like (he has only been using for a couple of months), but I am hopeful. I wish they had a math software like this to keep him engaged.”

Joanne, Parent