Research tells us that 95% of ALL students can read, given proper instruction.

This includes your child!

If your child struggles with reading or you are frustrated with the lack of support they receive at school, we have great news! MindPlay can help!

MindPlay makes learning to read fun!

MindPlay provides the one-on-one, customized reading instruction your child needs to become a strong reader. Unfortunately, most schools are unable to provide this level of individualized instruction. Private tutors are expensive and most reading apps are too general to be truly effective.

Unlike most other reading programs, MindPlay is adaptive. The program determines what your child knows and doesn’t know through a series of quick assessments. Then it creates a customized learning plan to help your child fill in the gaps. The lessons are taught by virtual reading coaches who guide your child through each activity until they master it. If your child struggles, the coaches go back and re-teach the concept in a different way. There are no automatic replays or boring repetition. As your child advances, they receive award certificates and prizes to keep them motivated. Progress maps and reports show both you and your child exactly how far they’ve come.

Parent Testimonial: MindPlay helps when no one else will.


MindPlay & Joe: 8th Grade Isn’t Too Late

How MindPlay works:

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